WordPress Web Designs

I offer web design, social media, online marketing and computer services. I am currently designing all my websites with the WordPress platform because it is the most requested by our customers. I also help people with designing and maintaining sites using other platforms and samples are included here. For my eCommerce customers, I have standardized on WooCommerce for most users, and have found this combination to work very well.

I offer a full range of web design services including mobile websites, integration with social media, online marketing and photography and video services.

One thing that makes me different, is that I can teach you how to manage all the needs for your online presence. My rates are the best in the business, and most folks find that it is less stressful, and much quicker to let me do the work. It’s a lot more involved to do things right than most realize,  but if you are so inclined, I will be happy to teach you the necessary skills.

Top reasons I use WordPress for Web Designs?


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