Why You Should Be Using WordPress


I have been building websites, for a long time, and in that time I have had the chance to try many of the tools and methods for managing this, including, software for building and maintaining websites, like XSite Pro, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Front Page, Xara and many more.

I have tried and tested many web based services, like WIX, Vistaprint, Squarespace and too many more to mention.

I have used many CMS, or Content Management Systems. You may have even heard of some, such as, Joomla, Drupal and WordPress.

In an ideal world, one solution would fit every need. Your own needs will likely change, and it is important to use a solution that can change or expand with you. I have found WordPress to be an excellent choice for that very reason, and for much more than that.

Most people I have met, that need help, are just trying to find their way, or maybe just trying a new idea, and typically they don’t have big budgets when starting out.

My own personal goal, is to help people in a way, that will allow them to learn unique and creative ways of managing, what can be a very scary, and overwhelming place, and as their idea grows, then they can start spending money on traditional methods.

I have also heard too many stories, of users getting locked into proprietary systems, or dealing with an unsavory web designer, that wants them to be forced into only dealing with them.

Things happen, and I believe everyone should have the flexibility to use anyone they choose at anytime.

It makes me sad, to see people throw away huge sums of money, on an idea they thought was unique, only to find out they were in an industry, with millions of competitors.

It is important to note, that there are different versions of WordPress. WordPress.Com is a great place for users to start, and is completely free to try. This is how a lot of bloggers start, and can be a great way to try out WordPress.

If you want to design your website to grow into anything you can imagine, you will need your own “Hosted” website, and that “Version” of WordPress will have much more capabilities.

Why is WordPress a good choice?

WordPress is mature. Systems come and go, WordPress will be here for a long time, has been thoroughly tested, and is the most popular, by far.

WordPress plugins, add complex business features, to your website, without having to hire a coder. I have found, there is virtually nothing you can not accomplish.

WordPress Is one of the best at being SEO Friendly.

It is easy to redesign your website. I remember when mobile technologies, started becoming a primary way people visited websites, and it became important to be, “Mobile Friendly”. Many websites had to be completely redone, and cost many companies huge budgets. WordPress is one of the most mobile friendly and most of time, it will be transparent to you. As your needs change, or you just feel like your website has become stale, you can redesign, without it being a major overhaul. This is something that is easily overlooked, when first designing your website, but believe me, it will come up.

WordPress is the most widely used, and supported – hands down. There are an amazing number of places, users can get assistance, and people, that can help, with every aspect of your site.

It is the best I have found, to teach people, to manage much of the work themselves. I have worked with many different personalities, and user levels over the years, and have found WordPress the best, when it comes to teaching someone new, or adding people on your staff to help.

It is widely supported, by most hosting providers. Because WordPress is Open Source, and free, you have to rely on other users, forums, and sites, to get help, but hosting providers, have put tools in place, to ease installation, and maintenance, of WordPress. This is also important, if you ever find the need to change hosting providers. WordPress can easily be moved to another host.

WordPress is considered to be one of the safest, and secure systems.

WordPress is social media friendly, and has many great ways for social media integration. This will become important, as you will learn later, to help you spread the word, about who you are, and what you do.